This community profile provides insight into the current achievements and improvement capacity of our dynamic society; we have currently reached the ultimate different stages of fundamental change and the hope for opportunities of progress.  The cultural adjustment we have achieved as a community will help to support growth in the area of adaptation and integration into a new culture.  

Augustino Lucana
Vice President

Peter Matik
Projects Coordinator


Aims to achieve the integration process of South Sudanese Population in Alberta into the understanding of the great Canadian community, through delivering the services and initiatives that promote diversity, participation and citizenship in a multicultural context

Building a community through empowerment – the vision of this community is to empower the newest citizens with intention to build a safe community of Calgary. 

Nyawarga Joseph

Youth Coordinator

Gatluak Bichoik
Media & Public Relations

 our leadership team

Calgary South Sudanese Community Association​ (CSSCA)

South Sudanese Embarks Strategies to Embrace Diversity

With a practical goal and mission of building bridges across the Canadian cultures, the current executives made it their priority to embrace the identity of their new country. With the objective of nurturing the new community, the executives focus on the creation of these events to signify their commitment for building bridges that leads to the integration. This was inclusive strategy has helped to bridge the gaps in building new relations with others and reduce isolations to the community members. The community embarks for strategies to embrace diversity envisioned many ways of achieving the societal mission: 

1. South Sudanese Ethnic Gala – Annual Cultural Event
2. Celebrating Black History Month Yearly
3. Meet the Neighbours – Citywide Initiative
4. Youth and Women Empowerment Workshops
5. Collaborate with many levels of the governments   

Tabitha Nyabiey Reath 


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