3rd Annual Ethnic Gala: Theme: Citizenship

Congratulations to the 2016, Award Recipients

​1. Marion Christensen: Community Service Award

2. Dover Community Association: Partnership Award

3. Pastor Bryan Roller: Spiritual Leadership Award

4. Thomas Bithou: Courageous Leadership Award

South Sudanese Ethnic Gala – Annual Cultural Pride Event

 Our Annual Ethnic Gala and Silent Auction is our most distinctive summer event, celebrated in the month of August, every year, with unique and innovative way to build social assets and ultimately creating a community network. This annual event showcases the South Sudanese traditional dances, and celebrate heritage with few cultural activities with ultimate goals are to bring people together in community ...and build a vibrant future for Calgary.  The community performance, ethno-cultural foods, beads show, traditional arts, talent show, dance demonstration, and artist’s performances.

Great appreciation to our honorary guests, for spending the evening with us: 

 1. Kathleen Ganley: Justice Minister, MLA

 2. Robin Luff: Calgary East MLA

 3. Deepak Obria: MP, Conservative Leadership Candidate

 4. Gian-Carlo Cara, Councilor, Ward 9

 5. Saimai Jamal: Activist

 6. Dr. Arthur Clark: Executive Director: Global Citizen

 7. S.Sergent Clare Smart; Calgary Police Service

 9.  Cst. Raul Espinosa: Calgary Police Service

​& many others.

Thank you all for taking sometime off on your busy schedules and spent your evenings with us at the 3rd Annual South Sudanese Gala. Your continued support  and services toward communities in Calgary, is true remarkable; hence, the citizens appreciates your dedications and commitments in serving others..

 2nd Annual Ethnic Gala – 2015: Theme: " Embracing Diversity"

2015 Award Recipient

 1. Layla Yat

 2. Janyce Koklin

 3  South Sudan Council of Churches in Alberta

 3. Cryton Pelinoma 

Calgary South Sudanese Community Association​ (CSSCA)

Great appreciations to our 2015 Volunteers of the Year

1. Tabitha Nyabiey Reath

2. Koang Malual

3. Nyakhat Puoch

 1st Annual Ethnic Gala – 2014: Theme: "Resiliency"

2014 - Award Recipients 

1. Kelley Charlebois

2, Pastor Ismail Ali

3. Simon Pouk