Regulated Immigration Consultant

Notary Public, Traffic Ticket and Tax Return Services? Please go to our community friend: DALE MUTI ASSOCIATES for all our legal issues including SPOUSAL SPONSORSHIPS any Many more!

Please join us in Congratulating our community leader on his nomination for Immigrants of Distinction Award

The IDA Gala was an amazing experience. Although ,Khor did not win the Award, Over 600 people who were in the attendance including the Mayor, Deputy Chief, Senators, MPs, MLAs, Council Members, etc: are now aware of an amazing work and  the progress and positive paths our community is striving for. We are thankful for the continued unwavering support of our CPS partners, Cst. Raul, S/s Smart and Inspector Mike, for their continued supports. Our friends, East Calgary MLA, Robyn Luff, being always there for us. MP L. Webber, and Khor's Supervisor, Tara. Thank you all for your unwavering supports. 

South Sudanese Businesses 

Our collective successes and accomplishments indicates positive directions and progressive future  our community yearn for. 

Calgary South Sudanese Community Association‚Äč (CSSCA)

Torbar Barbarshop & Beauty Supplies: Located on: 3151 34 Ave SE, Calgary, AB T2B 2M6

is a family owned business. They are dedicated to provide quality services in the SE Calgary area. At Torbar, they focus exclusively on men and women's hair cutting, kids hair cut & hair color and supplies women's beauty items. They are license holders, experts. Checkout their website for more info: