South Sudanese Community Dialogue with Child and Family Services

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1. June 3rd, 2017 Dinner and Cultural Night

Location: Grace Presbyterian Church, Downtown Calgary

2. June 17, 2017: Neighbour Day. Cultural Dance

Location: Spruce Cliff Community

3. South Sudanese Young Professional Panel Discussion. Place TBA

4. 4th Annual Ethnic Gala & Silent Auction 

In partnerships  with Initiative of Change (IofC), Calgary Catholic Immigration  Society (CCIS): the aim of this workshop was to create a dialogue between the community and the Human Services' Child Welfare System, to bridge the gap by educating and ironing out the challenges related to how the child welfare system operates, educates the system on South Sudanese culture and family context (morals and norms), ways to how community would intervene in assisting families who are involve with CFS

The South Sudanese Community Association is a community based organization formed with a purpose to practice their cultures and preserve their values. The community’s objective to advocate for its populations and address the issues related to their social integration challenges.  This community organization has dynamically committed to bridge the gap of Sudanese cultures with that of Canadians and promotes the sense of citizenship and builds competence to its members. It is a community organization aiming to serve the vulnerable Sudanese populations of Calgary and the surrounding areas.  The organization was established in 1992 in Edmonton and later transferred to Calgary due to population increased in Southern Alberta in 1996 in the province. Certainly, our organization provides variety services of options to maintain and enhance quality of life in ways that are meaningful to each individual community member.


Calgary South Sudanese Community Association​ (CSSCA)

​​​program and services
South Sudanese Community Organization Overview

1. Adult Education Literacy Programs -

2. Parenting Education Program– The Canadian Parenting Powers

3. Community Empowerment programs- The program aims to provide learning tools for adjustment toward socio-cultural integration into their new culture.  The new Canadian culture promotes individualism, an idea that is foreign to the Sudanese and community engagement is the bigger problem.

4. Children and Youth Programs -

5. Culture Programs– the practices beautiful traditional dances are significant to showcase the Canadian cultures whether on “Canada Day” and significant festivals throughout the provinces.   

6. Community Integration Program – Providing social integration is the objective of South Sudanese community.

7. Ethnic Languages Program: - The Canadian "cultural mosaic" allows the ethnic languages to prosper in our beautiful country of Canada. Learning the ethnic languages of origins is very significant